ISF for Motion

Use the world’s most powerful real-time effects system in your Motion projects. ISF for Motion lets you use standard GLSL shaders as generators, effects, and transitions in Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X.

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ISF for Motion comes with over 200 generators, effects, and transitions that work out of the box in Motion and FCP X. The bundled collection includes both a variety of unique looks you won't find anywhere else and classic basics that you can use as starting points for your own code creations. The Motion templating system is also a great way to play with, combine, and stack GLSL shaders, without writing any code.
With ISF for Motion, published variables from GLSL shaders can be animated using value key-frames, adjustable directly from the Motion timeline editor. Iterate over different visual possibilities from your shader creations using bezier curve tools instead of writing complex code.
Beyond the standard set of included open source assets, ISF for Motion makes it possible for you to write your own GLSL code and watch it live update in the Motion / FCP X preview. Works with any standard text editor, as well as our free ISF Editor tools.
GLSL shaders written as FX can be applied to layers, including movies files and other generative assets, and re-exported, adding a new range of possibilities for using code to create and process video. With ISF for Motion you can easily experiment with different ways of combining your code creations to take them to the next level.
Templates created in Motion that make use of ISF can be use seamlessly in Final Cut Pro X as generators, filters and transitions. Simply choose the type of asset you'd like to create from the New Project... panel in Motion, add your shaders, publish parameters and then use alongside your other favorite FCP X assets!
Compositions containing GLSL shaders can be exported from Motion and FCP X as movie files, at super high resolutions and frame rates. A great way to showcase code that is too complex to be rendered in real-time, even at 8K Ultra HD and larger.
ISF for Motion can automatically create template files for loading shaders in Final Cut Pro X. Generators, filters, and transitions show up in their appropriate categories along with their published input parameters.
ISF for Motion comes with over 200 generators, effects and transitions that work out of the box in Motion and FCP X. The bundled collection includes both a variety of unique looks you won't find anywhere else and classic basics that you can use as starting points for your own code creations.

Works with…

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ISF for Motion Manual – The complete online manual for using ISF for Motion and FCP X.

Introduction to writing ISF shaders – How to create your own shaders in the ISF spec.

Video tutorials…

Using ISF Shaders in Motion – How to add ISF generators and filters to a Motion project, animate published parameters and export as a movie file.

Using ISF Shaders in FCP X – How to add ISF generators, templates and effects to a FCP X project and animate their published parameters.

Converting Shaders From Other Formats – Demonstrates using the ISF Editor to import shaders from GLSLSandbox and Shadertoy, adding published inputs and exporting the result as a movie file from Motion. Guest Tutorial: Using ISF Generatorsand Filters in a Motion + FCP X Project – Guest artist isaact walks us through the creation of a composition in Motion and FCP X using ISF shaders.


Where can I find the standard set of VIDVOX shaders?

Over 200 GLSL shaders are bundled with the ISF for Motion and will work out of the box.

If you would like to use these shaders as learning materials or starting points for your own creations, they are bundled with the ISF Editor and can also be found in the ISF Files repository on GitHub.

How do I get started with creating my own shaders?

You can create your own shaders (or remixing existing ones) using any standard text editor, or our free ISF Editor app. See the ISF Documentation Quickstart for more information with getting started with your own ISF shaders.

How do I convert shaders from GLSLSandbox, Shadertoy and other similar GLSL specifications?

In some cases our free ISF Editor app can automatically translate GLSL code from other similar formats with little or no additional adaptation needed, as demonstrated in the Converting Shaders From Other Formats tutorial.

For more information on converting code from other specifications see the Adapting Existing GLSL Code to the ISF Specification and Tips for Converting Non-ISF GLSL shaders to ISF sections of the ISF documentation.

Are alpha channels supported?

Yes, but make sure to handle properly in any custom code; export with ProRes 4444 for alpha movies.

In some cases you may need to disable the 'opaque' option from the Inspector for Motion / FCP X to work as expected with alpha channels from shaders.

How can I use ISF shaders as generators, transitions and effects in FCP X?

Use the built-in Final Cut Pro X Template Generator to automatically create templates for shaders to use in FCP X, as demonstrated in the Using ISF Shaders in FCP X tutorial.

ISF shaders can also be included in standard templates for FCP X created with Motion. Choose the appropriate option (Generator, Transition, Effect) when making a new project file in Motion.

Do I need to run the app in the background when using Motion / FCP X?

No, after the app is installed, launch it once and it will be recognized by Motion and Final Cut Pro X to render shaders even when not running. After this you only need to use the app to update, create and manage FCP X templates.

How do I remove the watermark from ISF for Motion?

Launch the app and use the in app purchase option to remove the watermark from the render output.

How can I restore a previous purchase for removing the watermark when switching between computers or re-installing the app?

Use the option in the app to restore previous purchases. If you have any issues please contact our support email.

What can I do if I have a problem with ISF for Motion?

Please contact our support email for any issues with ISF for Motion.

Where can I find the complete ISF specification and documentation for writing my own shaders?

Visit for the ISF Reference Pages, an introduction to writing ISF shaders, and more.

Does ISF for Motion require Motion / FCP X?

ISF for Motion is an add-on that enables usage of ISF shaders in Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X. You must have at least one of these products to use it.

What other software and toolkits support the ISF Specification?

ISF for Motion is part of an ecosystem of video tools that use the ISF specification as a standard for working with GLSL based generators, transitions and effects.

A list of apps and open source frameworks with support for ISF shaders can be found on the website.

What versions of OpenGL does ISF for Motion work with?

ISF for Motion can seamlessly work with GLSL shaders written in OpenGL 2 and OpenGL 4.

Where can I download Motion and Final Cut Pro X?

If you are new to Final Cut Pro X as tool, visit the Apple website to install a free 30-day trial to use along with ISF for Motion. Motion can be found for purchase in the Mac App Store.