Featured ISF Tutorials

Getting started with using ISF shaders in various software.

Using ISF Shaders in Motion

An introduction to using ISF generators and filters in Motion. Covers how to add shaders to the timeline, setting keyframes for animating published parameters and rendering the final result as a movie file.

Using ISF Shaders in FCP X

An introduction to using ISF generators, transitions and effects in FCP X. Demonstrates how to generate template files, add shaders to a project timeline and setting keyframes for animating published parameters.

Converting Shaders to ISF to use in Motion

A walkthrough of using the ISF Editor to automatically convert a shader from GLSLSandbox to the ISF specification and modifying its code to include published parameters, followed by using ISF for Motion to render the shader as a movie file.

isaact.co Guest Tutorial: Using ISF Generatorsand Filters in a Motion + FCP X Project

Guest artist isaact walks us through the creation of a composition in Motion and FCP X using ISF shaders.

Using ISF Shaders in Max / Jitter

An introduction to using the jit.gl.isf object in Max to use ISF generators, filters and transitions in Max with a walkthrough of the included example shaders.